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Emotional Healing


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Bowen Technique

Body Talk Access

Compassionate Communication

Creative Expression using Voicing, Movement, Art, Theatre


Optimal health is a state of harmony in body, mind & soul

Every session integrates various Holistic modalities & therapies to provide support on an emotional, intellectual, physical & spiritual level.

Healing is tailored to the client & change occurs on a deep emotional level. Hence healing is lasting.

You learn to clear away the cobwebs & make room for the dreams & wishes you truly know you deserve. The sessions are short term or long term depending on the client’s needs, with no obligations, just go at your own pace. Once you have the tools, you take responsibility for your own healing and growth.

Sessions are offered on Skype as well.  All sessions are strictly confidential.



Namrata Kapadia

Geeta held my hand and led me on my path to success as a healer
She has a heart of gold, patient ears & strong shoulder. One finds solace by just hugging her. She is has positivity on her face,  warm heart & friendly nature ..A beautiful human GURU

Niati Tanna

I call Geeta aunty my angel.. She's the starting point of all the good things in my life.. from a highly depressed person, a failure in all the areas of my life, to achieving success in all the above areas, Geeta aunty has always been with me supporting n guiding me at every deepest gratitude to her for showering unconditional love

Dr. Reena Jogani

Geeta introduced me to this beautiful world of emotional healing..all your techniques specially release, relaxation and energising have helped me immensely to be happy
Geeta is the most genuine loving and caring human being I have met .she is my great friend and guide also. I am blessed to have her in my life !!!

Darshana Shah

I was suffering from acute allergies, anything that I ate, would swell  my face..I did everything possible..nothing worked...& then..I met Geeta & she gave me a few affirmations. I kept saying..'the food I consume is getting assimilated in my body beautifully'& my friends were aghast to see me eat mango rabdi, icecream , kulcha, nothing happened to me