My Journeys

Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens
so you can find the one line already written inside you..

Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that first, bright and indescribable
wedge of freedom in your own heart.

You are not leaving, Even as the light fades quickly now,

Talk for Cancer Can Go -initiative

Talk on 'Thoughts have Power & can cure anything' on World Cancer Day

with National Association for Blind - Goa

a truly spiritually divine experience, of where giving got me more receiving

Talk for Spectrum Ahead in Pune

an enriching experience speaking on 'Holistic Living is..ONE with YOURSELF' at Spectrum Ahead...

Rotary initiative with 100 Kids -Goa

"Cheer your Life'..2 day workshop, using ABT & Life Skills(Heal your Life) with 100 kids

ongoing initiative with Educo teachers

weekly interactions and sharing with about 30 teachers of Educo

at Don Bosco Shelter Home

sharings on how to inculcate good habits through stories, voicing, singing

at SETU ( for special Needs) Goa

"Cheer your Life' day workshop, using ABT & Life Skills(Heal your Life) with special needs adolescents

8 Day Residential Voice Movement Therapy

with Trish Watts (from Australia) & Hazel, deep cleansing and rejuvenation

at Non Violent Communication (NVC) Convention

NVC conventions- 8 days of fun, learning, sharing

Rotary Club of Mumbai..Bandra

talk on 'Thoughts have Power" at Rotary Bandra

at VIIT Pune

one of my proudest first talk on a huge platform with engineering students - topic was Entrepreneurship

Stall at Life Positive Expo

1st stall of Live Life Centre at the Life Positive expo

Talk at Prempuri Ashram -Mumbai

'Kabhi Khhushi Kabhi Gam' ..sharings on this topic with the Visamo group of 100 participants at Prempuri Ashram

at World Trade Centre - Mumbai

talk on the topic 'Power is Within' for about 50 participants at World Trade Centre

Stall at 360 degrees Wellness Expo at Aqaba Mumbai

a day of DREAMS UNLEASED with dream artists (CMYK), where we painted the dreams on the canvas

Harmony Yoga- initiative with Swasth Foundation -Mumbai

holistic sessions with the 20 staff members of Swasth Foundation

New Moon Meditation at Shantivan - Mumbai

leading a 2 hour new moon meditation for Thriive - art and soul

Art Based Facilitation - Mumbai

Play works..learning fun play creativity art

Singing Bowls therapy and Nada Yoga

Level 1 of Singing Bowl therapy with Chintan Dalal

Play Back Theatre - Mumbai

improvisational theatre in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot

Workshops in Surat

various workshops with hearing, speech, visual, physically impaired groups and with old age home

with Cancer patients

Play back theatre with cancer patients

IES management college - Mumbai

Talk on Stress Management at IES management college Mumbai

Session conducted at TISS(Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Session on 'Totality of Possibilities' at TISS (Mumbai)

Growing together

Conducting Parenting Course in Mumbai and Pune

Theatre of Oppressed - Mumbai

Completed a course with Ravi Ramaswamy

Session conducted at TISS(Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Session on 'Totality of Possibilities' at TISS (Mumbai)